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Dog’s B&B

Bystra, our Tatra Shepherd Dog, is fully-fledged member of our family. Her appearance in our home has changed some of ours habits, including the way we travel and spend our holidays. Nowadays we only choose the accommodation where our doggy can sleep with us in the same room. Surprisingly, there are plenty of animal-friendly places and even a small room in a guest house may be good enough (especially the one with a balcony). Usually we spend most of a day outside, so all we need is a nice place to rest by the night. It never happened that Bystra destroyed something, bit anyone or relieve herself in the room (even when we spend the entire day outside, in the morning and late in the evening, it is our habit to go for a quick walk with her). When it’s raining, we have to spend more time inside, although, we try to go out, as much as possible (ie. to the restaurants or museums - some of them have “special attractions” available for the animals and Bystra likes it very much). Thanks to a good organization of the day, there are not any problems with our dog at night: she almost doesn’t bark, and she is a heavy sleeper). Contrary to its appearances Tatra Shepherd Dog finds well itself even in a small space, e.g. in a tent.

Tatra Shepherd Dog, travelling with a dog, Aroniowa Dolina FCI

During Grunwald Days – Bystra perfectly adapts to sleeping in a tent.

Tatra Shepherd Dog, Dog’s B&B, Aroniowa Dolina FCI

After few days spent in ‘Sądecki Bartnik’ we finally had to pack our stuff. Even though the room wasn’t too big and there was no balcony, it fulfilled it’s role as a guesthouse for us and as a “dog kennel” for Bystra. Although a photo shows some of our “packing madness", you can see that nothing was dirty or damaged.

Dog’s transportation

Despite the fact that Tatra Shepherd Dog is not a tiny dog, we don’t have any “logistic” problems with her. When we travel by car, Bystra has her own spot in the trunk. During the journey she’s mostly sleeping, watching countryside, helping us to choose the right way, or putting her head on a back seat near our kids, she waits for the caresses. We cover her spot in a trunk with a special floor mat for dogs and we use a blanket or an old bed sheet on the back seats as a cover to protect them from dirt. During the ride, the Tatra Shepherd Dog is fastened with special dog seat-belts. Air conditioning does not work as good in the trunk as it does in the passenger section, but tinted windows give us some protection even in hot summer days. We never leave Bystra alone in the car. Bystra takes traveling well, she can withstand even the longest journey throuhgtout Poland. During such trips with her we usually make a few more stops, than we would do without her. We allow her to stretch legs and tail, drink some water and have a potty break. There are no rigid rules when to stop, our travel schedule depends on the time of day and temperature (we don’t take as many breaks at night as during the day, when we do it probably once in every 1,5 hour). She always shows us when she needs a break. While on the road, car windows should be closed and you should drive smoother than usual. Travelling with a dog has one additional benefit- you will see more places than when travelling without. We try to choose the stopovers in places attractive for tourists, which we would never see, when traveling alone and in a hurry.

Tatra Shepherd Dog, travelling with a dog, Aroniowa Dolina FCI

Tatra Shepherd Dog – Bystra - curiously observed the road and scenery outside the window, helping us, from time to time, to choose the right direction. During our travel she used every possible moment to gain some attention and maybe even some caresses.

Tatra Shepherd Dog, Dog’s transportation, Aroniowa Dolina FCI

Six persons and a Tatra Shepherd Dog is challenge, so car’s trailer is very good idea to make a car bigger.

Sightseeing with a dog

Before the trip with a dog starts, we always check up carefully the local law concerning quadrupeds, to know exactly what is allowed and what is not, and also to consider how to adapt best to them. If raised properly, Tatra Shepherd Dog perfectly knows how to behave on a walk and doesn’t cause any problems. We take Bystra to the fully crowded streets (ie. Zakopane, Gubałówka, or Grunwald Days), to the old town or the in middle of nowhere. Depending on the situation we just change her leash- once 3 meters long, which may be shortened to 1,5m or the longer one, which is about 10 meters long. Both are rubberized strings, easy to clean. During the walks our dog is calm – she doesn’t bark and usually she is a well-balanced and well behaved dog. Still, we must remember, that she is only a dog and every moment she could start chasing a cat or a squirrel just for fun. Thanks to Bystra we have met a lot of new people. It is hard for most of the people to pass by and ignore such beloved dogs - puffy polar teddy bears... We hear very often: „wow, her fur is so white” and also with some compassion: “you probably have a lot of work, while cleaning this beast?”  When we tell people that we bath her only before the dog show or when she has used Eau-de-doe, left somewhere in the forest, people are usually surprised. Tatra Shepherd Dog is a perfect partner for sightseeing. Our dog can stay outside all day long and never shows that she’s even a little bit tired or that she wants to go home. The following day and in the new morning there is a fresh start for her and she can’t wait for  new adventure. The frequency of our stopovers  depends on Bystra’s feelings and on the weather conditions. And of course, if there is anything worth of a longer stopover nearby.

Tatra Shepherd Dog, travelling with a dog, Aroniowa Dolina FCI

During the rain, thanks to the courtesy of the of station service staff, we hid in the Mineral water Pump Room Szczawnica. Bystra tasted the local mineral waters with elegance and politeness.

Tatra Shepherd Dog is a perfect dog for long hike in the mountains. Travelling with dog does not bother visiting close and distant neighbourhood.

Tatra Shepherd Dog, Sightseeing with a dog, Aroniowa Dolina FCI

Dog on holidays – and what to take?

Dogs’ braces, a leash, a water bowl and one bowl for food, as well as a silicone bowl useful for walks ( folding and easy to clean). We also pack large bottle of water, dog ID and sacks for dog poop. Obviously, we always have our dog’s vaccination book with us- just in case and to calm down some more sensitive folks… (even though Bystra has a microchip, there is no universal and unified wide spread system of collecting and reading data on such a chip, though old-fashioned booklet is more practical). If we’re going abroad, we have to take dog’s passport (your vet can issue it within the same day). For a holiday with a dog we also take a reasonable supply of dry food (we don’t have to carry a lot of it with us, our dog eats once a day). Thankfully, our Tatra Shepherd Dog is not a picky about food and even if we forget something, there is always something available that can enrich  her menu: oscypek, a can of dog food or a slice of bread. For our trips we usually take only few dog treats or snacks. Often we take a dried calf penis or vacuum packed leg bones – it keeps her busy while we have to stay in our room due to the bad weather. It works also as a treat, for rewarding her good behavior. We also take a dog toothpaste and toothbrush (although some dogs don’t wash their teeth and somehow keep their beautiful smile ). During whole year we keep Bystra from parasites like ticks – but for trips we additionally take special pincers for removing those unwanted guests.

Despite it’s appearance Tatra Shepherd Dogs are really calm and well-bred, except when someone tries to trespass on our property, hence. We don’t even put on her a muzzle. It is necessary for some dangerous and aggressive breeds, but Tatra Shepherd Dog is not one of them. There’s no need to puck any blankets or a lair for a dog, these dogs prefer to sleep on a bare floor, even if it is just a small cloth. We don’t pack any toys as well, after a long walk she’s not interested in further activities or mischief, spending her time on regeneration for a next day.

We comb Bystra every week or every other week, but sometimes she finds some smelly attraction on our path – droppings of all kinds and colours (with a smell so mesmerizing, that it would be a pity not to ‘bathe’ in it). Well, at least she’s happy. Sadly, we don’t share her enthusiasm. In case like this -the furminator is an indispensable tool for removing an excess perfume. Since Tarta Shepherd Dog has truly self-cleaning fur, it doesn’t spoil so easy, and even if it happens, dirt quickly falls off. For a rare occasions when combing is not enough, we also use a shampoo. A regular one -  when she needs a bath and a “dry version” shampoo, if the smell is the only problem.

We don’t pack any medical utensils: bandages, medicines or disinfectants. We just don’t need them – Tatra Shepherd Dog are  really strong and, besides, usually there is always a pharmacy or a vet clinic nearby.

That’s all folks! At least, regarding our experience of traveling with dog. This page will be updated, if we have any further insight.


Although you can easily find a tick on a thick white fur, we always take with us a pincers for removal of unwanted guests.

Tatra Shepherd Dog, travelling with a dog, Aroniowa Dolina FCI
Tatra Shepherd Dog, dog on holidays – what to take, Aroniowa Dolina FCI

Folding large water bowl for a dog, with the possibility of attaching it to the kidney bag or backpack is convenient. The rubber bottom on the outside improves the grip to the ground.


– through eyes of Aroniowa Dolina FCI Tatra Shepherd Breeders

Satchel for a dog – kidney bags, hip belts

It might seem obvious, but it is more than useful for carrying multiple necessary items and few treats for our pet. Most of the bags has one or two pockets, so we have spent a lot of time looking for a model with multiple compartments - it helps to find item that you need  much easier. Once, we bought a cheap waist belt, but it broke-up quickly. Good-looking hip belts had been too expensive for us (over 100 PLN), so finally we bough a nice climbing satchel in a shop for climbers, spending about 55 PLN. Inside of this we can store: sacks for dog poop, treats, tweezers for tongs, a pocket knife and few other useful items. We also added key ring, to one side of the satchel, so now we can hang the folding bowl on it. We think that our solution is comfortable to wear and, what sometimes is even more important, it’s easy to clean.

Tatra Shepherd Dog, travelling with a dog, Aroniowa Dolina FCI

We always take with us a kidney bag when  traveling with a dog. Several compartments facilitate the placement of various items, making them much easier to find. Thanks to rigid lock you can close and open it even in gloves.

Leash for a dog – cord

We are using two types of leashes, short one, which can be regulated between 1,5-3m lenght, and the second one - 10 meters long. Both are twined from rubberized strings and easy to clean.  A long leash you can find here. We have bought  Dog&More  one, and we are more than satisfied with it. It’s easy to maintain and even when it’s entangled on a hand, it is comfortable to be hold. Our Tatra Shepherd Dog can move freely, but also stays under our full control. Only in the safe places we leave her to stroll free, but still - with the leash pinned to her collar. That is easier to grab her, if such a need occurs. The leash is very durable, it  doesn’t wear down, it successfully survived being used as a chew toy by our neighbours’ puppy. It’s very light, resistant to damage and even if torn, it doesn’t rip. Also, it doesn’t take much space in a backpack.

Tatra Shepherd Dog, travelling with a dog, Aroniowa Dolina FCI

Leash doesn’t bother Bystra in any way while playing, and for us, it’s a useful tool to control her if necessary.

Tatra Shepherd Dog, travelling with a dog, Aroniowa Dolina FCI

 Adjustable long dog leash helps to adapt its lenght depending on the environment.

Braces for a dog – pressure-free

At one of the dog shows we had bought cheap pair of braces. Sadly, proverb “Cheap things are not good, good things are not cheap” has been proven right. After some time of using they had caused abrasions and we had to throw them away. So we have bought Dog&More pressure-free braces made by Haqihana. At the beginning we had some concerns if they were not too weak in comparison to the previous ones, but we found out quickly, that it was a good investment. Durable, easy to clean and not causing any harm to our dog. You can put them on without raising your dog’s paws.

Tatra Shepherd Dog, travelling with a dog, Aroniowa Dolina FCI

Blue braces look stunningly on the white fur of Tatra Shepherd Dog.

Tatra Shepherd Dog, travelling with a dog, Aroniowa Dolina FCI
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