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Polish Tatra Shepherd Dog puppies for sale litter "P"


Domestic breeding of Polish Tatra Shepherd Dog

Welcome to our domestic breeding of Polish Tatra Shepherd Dog associated in Polish Kennel Club (member of FCI). For us it is very important to socialize our puppies well – so they would not grow up for scared or aggressive dogs. Our puppies learn how to live in a family with children and another animals.


We invite you to reserve puppies of next litter Polish Tatra Shepherd Dog

We are pleased to inform that our female Polish Tatra Shepherd Dog BYSTRA Chosna (FCI) gave birth to puppies on 05.09.2020, mostly females. We invite you to reserve next litter of puppies by e-mail: dpogorzelska@o2.pl or by phone +48 608 292 931, +48 607 925 060. More information about BYSTRA can be found under the tab “BYSTRA”. Father of the puppies is ZAREMBEK z Winory (breeding “z Winory”). Description of ZAREMBEK z Winory you will find under the tab “PUPPIES”.


Layette forPolish Tatra Shepherd Dog puppies

Polish Tatra Shepherd Dog puppies will be ready to live in new homes not earlier than after they finish 8 weeks. They will be after deworming, vaccination advised by vet, litter review and will have microchip. Future owner of a puppy will get:

  • book of health puppy (passport)
  • information about feeding and puppy care
  • certificate of ZKwP
  • the purchase agreement
  • layette: food for the first days, small blanket with mother’s and puppies’ smell, collar, leash, toy, small fold bowl, toothbrush and souvenir for new owners (zero waste eco LAWENDOWO Budków cosmetics).


Puppies of Polish Tatra Shepherd Dog for sale - contact

Our domestic breeding of Polish Tatra Sheepdog is located in Warsaw, Poland. You can visit us and see how puppies live. We prefer e-mail contact dpogorzelska@o2.pl but you can also reach us by phone +48 608 292 931 or +48 607 925 060. Please note that if any doubts about new home for our puppy occur (if it’s not a good home for puppy in our opinion), we reserve a right  not to sell a puppy. We don’t sell puppies for live in isolation or immuring.


Puppies of Polish Tatra Shepherd Dog - photos

You can see how our puppies of Polish Tatra Shepherd Dog grow below, on the photos. You can also check our puppies videos on our YouTube channel.



Our domestic breeding of Polish Tatra Shepherd Dog takes part in a dog registration program in the International Database SAFE-ANIMAL. In this way all persons buying from us a puppy Polish Tatra Shepherd Dog can receive a promotion code for the registration of the puppy in this database (a member of European Pet Network). The registration of a puppy in SAFE-ANIMAL Database greatly helps to find a dog in case of loss.


Puppies of the Polish Tatra Shepherd Dog – first 3 weeks


Polish Tatra Shepherd Dog - preparation for birth

The birth of puppies of the Polish Tatra Shepherd Dog requires a reorganization of home life. The playpen - a bed for toddlers is set up in the living room in front of the the bay window. Thanks to putting their playpen in the living room, puppies of the Polish Tatra Shepherd Dog actively participate in daily life of our family, hearing and seeing (as they already can see and hear) what we do: vacuuming, boiling water in a kettle, listening to music, talking, etc. Married life is also reorganized - the wife stays in the bedroom upstairs, the husband moves to the next room on the ground floor to help mother Bystra in taking care of the puppies (24h work as part of the holiday leave  ).


Polish Tatra Shepherd Dog – the birth

Puppies were born on Saturday, September 5th during the day. Eight sweet puppies. It is said that most of the dogs give birth at night. Maybe Bystra gives birth during the day because she is the family member and wants to save us all from this excitement at night, knowing that during the day we can help her better if necessary (e.g. access to the vet who looks after Bystra, Mr. Rafał Nojszewski is easier). Or maybe it's just our imagination and "that's how it is" with Bystra?


Polish Tatra Shepherd Dog - development in the first 3 weeks

The birth itself gives indescribable emotions that last about 12 hours. The amount of "bad" things that can happen is quite a lot and it's better not to think about them. One of the little ones, Patton the puppy, just after he was born has already almost ran to Bystra for some milk (colostrum). Amazing, we haven't seen anything like this before! Another puppy started barking on the second day and Bystra answered him then. Such a singing duo of a mother with a newborn. The first 2 weeks of life are the most "critical" period for the puppies. They are blind - their eyes are closed and they don't even hear at first. They crawl awkwardly around the playpen, sleep approx. 90% of the time, pee, defecate and of course eat. Bystra during the first days practically does not leave the playpen, massages the toddlers' tummies with her tongue (so that they can defecate - the intestines do not work independently during this period), cleans the puppies with her tongue and, of course, feeds them. Puppies squeak and smack while drinking their mother's milk, clumsily collide with each other or against the walls of the pen. They look a bit like guinea pigs. The eyes started to open on the 13th day of life, more or less at this time they start to hear and walk on 4 paws (at first clumsily nodding from side to side). We are still fascinated by the sight of a dog mum weighing about 50 kg, who gracefully walks among the puppies weighing about 1-2 kg, clumsily and in chaos moving around in the pen - and Bystra will not even step on them! Already in the first week of life noses, feet, bellies and faces of the puppies of Polish Tatra Shepherd Dog began to turn black.

In the third week, the amount of pee and poop increase rapidly, so the playpen needs to be cleaned vigorously and very often. The first deworming takes place during this period. Puppies of the Polish Tatra Shepherd Dog are already getting to know us and evidently petting is very nice to them.

Little Polish Tatra Shepherd Dogs wag their tails very quickly, especially when they get into mom's milk. The tails are still straight (they start to curl after about 3rd week). In the third week, the first clumsy games begin and scratching with the hind paw behind the ear (some of the puppies tried to do this as early as the second week of life!). Compared to the weight at birth, puppies weigh 3-4 times more. We regularly cut the toddlers' claws so that they do not cause pain to the dog's mother during feeding (they knead Bystra with their paws). After eating, they move to the walls of the playpen, which ensures their safety against accidental crushing by Bystra, although some tough guys can fall asleep in the middle of the playpen or even while feeding. During this period, Bystra not only feeds puppies, but also cleans the playpen, cares for the toddler's toilet, gives a sense of security, uses his tongue to massage their stomachs to make it easier for the puppies to defecate, cleans them with her tongue, etc.

From the moment of birth of puppies of the Polish Tatra Shepherd Dog, we provide them with the so-called early neurostimulation, providing various stimuli, other than those provided by the dog mom: we take them on our hands (stress in the early stages of life), massage the bellies, touch the paws, we weigh them (this is also stress for the puppies - contact with a strange surface of the weight) - thanks to this it is highly likely that in the future they will grow into properly socialized dogs.




Tatra shepherd dog puppies for sale litter Warsaw Poland
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